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ASU Secondary Education Technology Wiki



Welcome to the ASU


SED Innovations in


Technology Wiki 


Who we are...

We are Secondary Education Majors in the College of Teacher Education and Leadership at Arizona State University, and we are exploring ways in which to use technology in the classroom.  We hope that this site will have continued use and that future students (or anyone who finds this wiki) will continue to add, update, and delete as necessary.

Please contact our instructor: Mia Kim Williams if you'd like any additional information. mia.williams@asu.edu



What this site is all about...

        The information contained on this site is generated from student investigations of various technology tools. It provides some foundational information about the tools, but focuses on ideas and examples of implementing the tools into middle and secondary level classrooms. Through this assignment, students (past and present) collaborate to update and share this information. Collaborative teachers shift between the roles of teacher, learner, group member, contributor, and mentor as needed in their common pursuit of professional development and school improvement, thus using a wiki for this project was a natural fit.


Through our learning process we have:

  • become an expert in the use of at least one innovative technology and its possible classroom application(s)
  • oriented ourselves with other innovative technologies and their possible classroom applications
  • constructed a collaborative and usable resources for future class assignments and classroom application


We invite anyone who has knowledge to share about technology integration to frequent this page and make contributions. Additionally any teachers who have authentic experiences and examples of using technology are encouraged to contribute. This would add greatly to this site.



        This Wiki is easily navigable.  One can either use the table below or use the side bar on the right.  The sidebar is extremely useful while visiting other pages in this wiki since you won't have to go to the home page to navigate to any of the others. 




2     Electronic Gradebook
3     Google Earth
4     GPS
5     Movie Maker
6     PDA
7     Podcasting
8     RSS
9     Smart Boards
10     Social Bookmarking
11     Turning Point
12      Video Conferencing
13     Webpages
14     Wikis
15     Copyright, Fair Use, and APA


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